CJ Teffner: ‘Stars’ Album Review

A writer, performer, and producer reining from Phoenix, Arizona, CJ Teffner is ready to lay all of his emotions out on the table with his brand new album titled, Stars.  Released to the public on July 13, 2018, CJ Teffner expresses a vulnerability unlike any before in his music on this four track album.  With the help of the talented featured vocalist on the album, Robyn Cage, you can absolutely feel how personal this set of songs were to Teffner, as the instruments, vocals, and production scream vulnerability.  The amount of different vibes I got while listening to this album was hard to keep track of. With that being said, here is a little track by track of my thoughts about each of the songs on, Stars:

Stars Cover in JPG

1.)“Crazy Train”

Sound familiar?  Honestly, the re-imagination of this iconic Ozzy Osbourne song took me a minute to realize it was a cover.  That is how ORIGINAL this re-imagination sounds. In fact, I am quite obsessed with this version. I never realized how vulnerable someone could make Ozzy’s, “Crazy Train.”  Instead of rocking out, I felt like crying out. Right from the beginning of it, I actually got major Evanescence vibes from the arrangement and I was really into it. Honestly, this version of, “Crazy Train,” was just pure genius.  Definitely on repeat for me, especially on those I-am-not-feeling-so-strong-days. I loved how it poked at my emotions.  Again, I never thought, “Crazy Train,” could do that to me.

 2.)  “Meant to Fit”

“Meant to Fit,” is the first original track on, Stars.  As I listened to the first few strokes of the acoustic guitar and beginning vocal melody, I immediately thought of the artist, Jewel.  You know that song, “Who Will Save Your Soul?” Those are the exact vibes this track gave me, except revamped and of course, a completely different song.  I think what I loved the most about this track was how easy it was too listen to. I also felt plenty of singer-songwriter vibes on this track as well, which is another characteristic I always adore in songs like this.  However, another unique thing about this track was the utilization of the title track, “Stars,” at 2:02. I really LOVE when an artist brings things into full circle throughout their album like CJ did here.

 3.)  “Stars:

“Stars,” is the title track of this album and the first single to be released from the album as well.  I definitely think that was an appropriate choice. “Stars,” truly wraps up the entire album and brings it all full circle.  This might even be the strongest track on the album because of the strong presence of vulnerability throughout this song. Through not only the production and instrumentation, but vocally too, as Robyn Cage hits the nail on the head again with the melody.  “Stars,” truly came together very nicely, when taking in all elements of the track. I also very much so enjoyed the guitar solo starting at 2:09 because it gave the song a whole new vibe, a little rock twist if you ask me.

 4.)  “Please Forgive Me”

I think out of all of the tracks on this album, “Please Forgive Me,” is definitely the MOST vulnerable song on, Stars.  Vocally, Robyn Cage KILLED these vocals and they sounded stunning, the perfect amount of vulnerable to the music being showcased.  I also found this track really relatable too. I think everyone faces points in their lives where we feel like we have to beg for forgiveness, although we often tend to forgive others faster than they may forgive us.  I mean, this is a situation I have been faced with before and this song reminded me of those feelings, tugging at my heartstrings. I truly admire how vulnerable CJ Teffner allowed himself to be on this track, specifically because a topic like that is not easy to tackle, at least I could only imagine it not being easy. The perfect ending to the album.

Be sure to keep up with CJ Teffner and the rest of his project on his website! You can also find him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! So give him all of the LIKES and FOLLOWS! As for, Stars, you can also find that on his website, Spotify, iTunes, and other music platforms! Can’t wait to see what is next for CJ Teffner and where, Stars, will take him!

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