Major Moment: Following Chester Bennington’s Steps and Spreading Awareness Through Music

Are you a fan of Linkin Park, or 30 Seconds to Mars? Are you a fan of both? If you answered, “yes,” to either of these questions, then you came to the right spot. 

All the way from Boston, Massachusetts, alternative rock band, Major Moment, is making MAJOR moves. They will be dropping their debut EP, ‘One Small StEP,’ on September 7, 2018. In preparation for their highly anticipated debut EP, the band recently dropped their first single off the EP titled, “Before It’s Too Late.” Let me tell you, the Linkin Park influences are STRONG on this track and if you are of fan of them, Major Moment is about to be your new favorite band.


In addition to the Linkin Park influences on the track, Major Moment’s EP, ‘One Small StEP,’ will also serve as a dedication to the late Chester Bennington. The EP will feature the tagline, #MakeChesterProud, in his honor. I think we can all agree that is something super special, especially for a band’s FIRST ever EP release. Major Moment is confident in making a statement in the music industry and sending out their own message to listeners, in hopes to teach others to appreciate life more. They are so inspired by Linkin Park, they recently released a cover of Linkin Park’s, “Leave Out All The Rest,” which is a tribute to Chester Bennington.  The band will be donating all of the proceeds from the cover, to the 320 Changes Direction Fund (you can find out more about the fund here).

Aside from the cover leading me to their primary influence, I definitely got Linkin Park and a dash of 30 Seconds to Mars vibes when listening to, “Before It’s Too Late,” for the first time.  May I even add, Dead By Sunrise vibes? Yes, Dead By Sunrise.  Anybody remember that quick side project Chester Bennington had? Well you bet I remember it and personally, I was a HUGE fan of them. Just listen to, “Fire,” and you will understand. Anyways, “Before It’s Too Late,” definitely reminds me of a collaboration between old school and new Linkin Park.  Kind of like if, “Numb,” and “Heavy,” had a child… THIS would be the child.


However, the most important thing about this track is that it sounds like Major Moment.  Although their influences are evident, there are things about their music that make them Major Moment.  For one, I love the male and female harmonies on, “Before It’s Too Late.”  I felt like they were done very tastefully and I always love when there is some girl power, especially in a genre like this.  For me, this definitely separated them from everyone else (slightly reminded me of Skillet).  Also, the instrumentation was KILLER throughout the whole track and I was a big fan of everything that was going on.  Like, can we talk about that guitar solo at 3:16?  Just another thing separating them from everyone else.  I could imagine that sounding incredible live, in fact, I hope I get to see Major Moment live one day.  

Kevin Donnelly 03
Photo by Kevin Donelly

Until their debut EP is released on September 7, 2018, I highly recommend you give, “Before It’s Too Late,” a listen by clicking the link below!  Also, be sure to show the band some love and FOLLOW and LIKE them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!  You can even SUBSCRIBE to them on YouTube! Don’t miss out on what’s in store for these guys!

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